Squeezing Babies and Bribing Boys

In my family growing up we called it 'The Squeeze'.  That overwhelming feeling you get when you've just GOT to squeeeeze that delicious baby/cute toddler/adorable child.  Like you just want to absorb how amazingly awesome they are.  As I've grown it has matured into the more acceptable desire to eat said baby.  You've said it, too, I know it.  Seriously, sometimes I think we might just pop poor Luke...  Click on over here for an awesome explanation on why we all want to eat these cute babies.  I call it Aquinas for the crazy baby-toe-eating masses.

And I will be back soon to give you a peek into the magic happening in the garden, promise.  Today, some of that is thanks to you, lovely friends.  You rock.  Because you gave me a new weapon in my get-them-to-do-something-they-don't-want-to-do arsenal.   Geography games on the internet!  Who knew that with just the promise of time learning Australian geographical terrain and practice with U.S. capitals, you can get a seven year old boy to weed this whole raised bed

all by himself?  We homeschool moms are a sneaky bunch, aren't we?  Bribing him to do difficult chores with a lesson that I actually wanted him to do anyway...evil genius I am.  This has been his first real time spent on the computer and I'm so glad I waited until the ripe old age of seven because it is so novel and I really wanted him to begin learning without it.  But oh man, what great tools for the homeschool family there are out there!  

The best part, though, was how incredibly proud he was afterwards.  About the weeding!  He now has a plan to spend six days a week out there in an attempt to get stronger than Papa.  Love every part of that :)


  1. I can't even decide what part of this is the most glorious. Love it all!

  2. Awesomeness all around. What is it he's playing??

    1. That's from sheppardsoftware.com I did a search for free geography games and that came up. Who knew there was all this free learning software out there? Probably lots of people, but I'm slow sometimes... Today he is vacuuming. Yep.


    I love the age when helping to do all the chores the teens start to balk at is fun... running out of that age quite quickly here. :(

    Glad you are having a good day - and thanks for sharing that scrumptous pic of your Luke!


  4. My girls, too, will do about anything I ask to get a little computer time. At most they get 30 minutes each week, but because it's so rare, they love it!


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