Science Fair

Our homeschool group organized our first science fair held the other night and it was so great.  I thought you might just be dying to see some pictures of my little guys presenting their projects.  If not, well, just ignore this and let the grandparents have their peek.  It is so freaking cool watching a grassroots type of growth when it comes to different ideas that the homeschool community out here has and then makes happen.

David insisted on bringing his preying mantis egg cases as his project.  (Um...yes.  They were a birthday gift.  Don't be jealous.)  I'm not sure whether these two HUNDRED or so guys will make it with all the love they've been getting.  I'll be SURE to give you updates on our newest little pets, though, don't you worry.  I know you wouldn't want to miss out on the excitement of several hundred tiny carnivorous insects emerging from their sac and then being released in the yard to unleash their wrath on the entomologist's dream that is our backyard.


  1. We have a preying mantis sac as well!

  2. Looks like the boys have been working hard on their projects! Great Job!


  3. Great job on the science projects boys!

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    1. Great job on the science projects. Can't wait to hear how the preying mantis and lady bugs do. When I was little I thought it was praying mantis because it looked like they were praying and it is much friendlier than preying.
      Grandma & Grumpy


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