Scenes from a Monday Morning in May

Omygoodness.  I just love these days in May and early June when the weather is simply perfect and all the neighbor kids are in school the neighborhood is so peaceful!  It's like we have the whole world to ourselves and it is just blessed.  Note to self: drink deeply.

Six Five and a half gallons of raw milk straight from the farm (one casualty.  But no one cried.  Get it??? I crack myself up sometimes.)

They're out there.  Way out there.

Part of the purpose of this blog is to prove to my children when they are older how awesome their childhood was when they are trying to believe otherwise.  I mean, really.   All the other kids are sitting in desks at school and they get to do this.  

And this.  Teenage angst DENIED.

Not sleeping.  Just taking a break from the spastic blanket swim he likes to do whenever he's placed on his tummy.

Discovering grass

I really couldn't be cuter.  At least, that's what my mama says.

David is a big fan of sweeping lately.  I approve.

Awesome chicken tractor the husband made

Didn't know what this guy was until John Paul told me.  An eyed click beetle

I love when he's the one teaching me things.  For real.

David somehow got his foot stuck in a pool toy.

Big brother to the rescue

Lunch on the porch today...and weather permitting pretty much every day

The click beetle has been detained for further observation

Happy Monday.  I should really go do something productive now.


  1. Looks like the perfect morning to me! We're being blessed with rainy weather again. : (

  2. Oh I don't know, looks like a pretty productive day for me!


    (And you crack me up too!)

  3. Isn't May the most wonderful idea? Your boys will remember what an awesome childhood they had, believe me. They are very blessed!


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