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There's something so beautiful to me about bouquets of tulips.  Love them.  Especially white ones (surprised?).  I went all crazy and bought a bouquet to decorate for the First Communion party and now I've been enjoying them since.  Due to the crazy weather, I suppose, none of our outside tulips bloomed this year so this will be it for the year.


 Now tell me this doesn't make you happy.  

One great thing about a whole bunch of different events and celebrations right in a row is that you get to be creative and reuse things.  Some of the fresh flowers from John Paul's First Holy Communion are now being repurposed for David's birthday, who requested a 'rainbow cake' for his cake so I got all nerdy and excited and decided to go with the rainbow thing.  Add in the science lesson that I threw in while putting these together and it was homeschool birthday decorating springtime teachable moment cost-effective consolidation for. the. win.  You may or may not see these next week for our science fair if they survive.  And wait til you see my repurposed First Communion cake turned birthday cake below.  Who's rockin' this crazy May?  This girl.


Aaaaand who has very unfortunate timing national news-wise when making a rainbow cake for her three year old?  This girl.


The requested birthday dinner last night:

Well, at least it was the whole wheat organic mac and cheese, right?  
Tonight for the celebration with the Godparents and grandparents, it's homemade pizza.  Feeling a little better about that one.  An amazing cook I have never claimed to be.  Or maybe it's because my tastes are so sophisticated and gourmet that a three year old is incapable of appreciating them.  Yep, that's it.

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  1. The rainbow cake is very creative and very funny about the timing of yesterday's "announcement". I wonder if my brother celebrated with a rainbow cake? (me trying to be funny back)

  2. This blog brought me lots of joy and made me laugh :)

  3. That cake is INCREDIBLE! Seriously. I ruin everything I touch in the kitchen. I'm like the reverse Midas or something....

  4. That fruit rainbow is so pretty!

  5. I love tulips too. They brighten any room. I wish they were available all year - but then again having them in the spring time makes them extra special, right? I gravitate toward the white ones, too but it depends on my mood :)

    You have a very beautiful blog!

  6. I love tulips, too. So beautiful. I don't often see white ones, but I often buy yellow or pink!
    And that's a super fun birthday cake!

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  8. Great idea for a birthday cake! Loved all your pictures!


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