First Communion Favors

Just wanted to share an extremely simple but sweet favor that the boys handed out on their First Communion day.  It was so easy but I think it was important for the boys to acknowledge their guests who took the time to come and be with us on such a special day.

I used Word and created these small holy cards using the same image I used for the cake.  The boys signed each one and handed them out with the other favor.  (They were not meant to take the place of formal thank you cards but just a special remembrance of the day for other people.)

We fit eight on a page and printed them out (front and back) on four pieces of card stock that I already had.  John Paul thought it pretty neat that we were actually able to make our own holy cards!

I've linked them here if they can be a help to anyone else.  (I did change the wording to the singular.)

Each person also received a small tulle pouch with three pieces of vanilla saltwater taffy.  Why saltwater taffy?  It was white and it happened to catch my eye while I was running for groceries before the party.  Very deep, I know.  I had the tulle already and grabbed ribbon at the dollar store so these were made for a grand total of about $5.

I wasn't so sure about the idea of a favor but the more I thought about it, the more I realized how appropriate it is.  We don't normally do favors for birthdays or other events but celebrating a First Holy Communion is special indeed and it was certainly worth the trivial amount of time and cost to honor such a special day.  I'm actually excited to come up with more ideas to celebrate as the other boys grow and also receive the Most Blessed of Sacraments!

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