7 Quick Takes


You want hydroponic venus fly traps for your birthday as well, don't you?
(The nerd that I am is actually really excited to see if they grow...)


 I love that my kids do things like this completely on their own.  It's a flying boat!  They were figuring out how many balloons it would take to make it float and then experimenting with different things inside to see if they were too heavy.  Science lesson?  Check.

I would like to take a moment to publicly thank Pinterest for singlehandedly nullifying the word 'genius.'  Oh, and 'brilliant.'  I'm pretty sure I could slap chalkboard paint on darn near anything or figure out how to organize my pantry and I would suddenly be labeled genius.  Perhaps maybe our standards have gotten a tad low, hmmm?  (Oh boy, the nerddom extends to vocabulary and grammar as well.)

Anyone want to not talk about salacious magazine covers that are divisive, confrontational, provocative, inflammatory, exploitative, and present a very positive and life-affirming parenting style with a very narrow and extreme looking photo?  Good, then.

So instead I'll show you these fantastic photos of my Luke baby who in an amazing feat of baby cuteness and genius (this time it is totally valid) figured out how to blow bubbles.  And was quite deservedly impressed with himself.




  1. That flying boat thing actually sounds kind of awesome. I love that they thought it up themselves!

  2. I love that last picture! Definitely genius!

    As one nerd to another - looking forward to what happens to that fly trap.

    And yes, self-schooling, along with designing their own science curriculum also falls under the heading of genius AND brilliant. ;)


  3. Oh Luke - you are too cute!!

    The fly trap kit looks very similar to something Sydney got from Grandma and Grandpa Foley. Only hers got dumped on the floor and we had to re-plant it. We are still waiting for the seeds to germinate and sprout.


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