A Trip to the Gardens

I got all stir crazy this morning and took a trip with the four boys BY MYSELF to the Botanical Gardens.  And it was pretty cool.  Not one person cried or had a tantrum (self included...EVEN when visiting the bastion of grossness that is a public restroom with children) and we actually really enjoyed ourselves.  They had some children's programs going on so we participated in those and then strolled through the gardens, which are not actually as boring as you might think and are actually kind of cool.

I definitely enjoy the hydrangeas.

Watch out, Michael!  It's a...

T. Rex Topiary! 

 Finding fish

 Touching (yes, touching) the fish

Hiding behind the stegosaurus

Sensitive plant (see?  It says right there)  
So cool.  When you touch it all the leaves fold up into a straight line.

Can't really tell, though, huh?  Sorry.  But it was cool, I promise.  And so was the fact that I had four boys enjoying the Botanical Gardens.  I think we may actually head back again some day.  

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  1. What a gorgeous hydrangea! The boys look like they were having fun. The fish pond there is always entertaining. What a sweet picture of the 3 boys on the bridge!


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