Our Passion Cross

I finally finished those Holy Week ornaments I've been talking about.  Just in time, huh?  I'm kinda happy with how they turned out.  I admit, I wasn't super motivated to finish this project, but now I'm glad I did and I think this will add a good visual for our Holy Week observance.  

A friend was inspired by these beautiful ornaments here and they were my stepping off point.  I did change them up a bit and I made them simply with acrylics and wood ornaments rather than the resin.  Another friend has started this project with the same idea but using her expertise and making the ornaments in felt.  

With each ornament we'll be reading the corresponding Scripture and then placing the ornament on the cross fashioned by my handy husband, very much like the Jesse Tree.   

It's my hope that in focusing just a bit on each of the pieces of the Passion that our children (and us!) will better appreciate the entire sacrifice of our Lord.  It's easy to just skip over the sufferings that led up to the crucifixion, especially with kids, but those agonies and pains were an important part of our redemption as well.  The boys have already been busy putting them in order and talking through what each one means with no lead by me.   

This is the cross that the husband put together for us.  Not bad, eh?

There are 14 Passion ornaments and 1 Resurrection ornament for Easter
I may just hang them like this or I had thought of putting little nails on the vertical beam as well so that they could be hung on both beams.

1.  Palm
2.  Water Basin and Towel
3.  Bread and Wine
4.  Silver Bag
5.  Drops of Blood (Gethsemane)
6.  Rooster (don't laugh at my poor rooster...)

7.  Whip
8.  Crown of Thorns
9.  Cross
10.  Nails and Hammer
11.  Dice (for casting lots)

  12.  Torn Temple Veil
13.  Spear
14.  Tomb

and 15.  The Last Word.


  1. Beautiful Mary- and great idea!

  2. Those turned out so great! I love the way they look hanging on the cross... Craft night soon!

  3. Okay so I know I'm stalking your old posts, but I can't believe I haven't stumbled upon this post yet! How amazing! Where did this idea come from? The etsy post you mentioned? That is so cool, and your handy work (and your husband's) is great! It comes with scripture references? Are you doing it again this year?

    So many questions... haha!

    1. Yes, it totally came from the Etsy ornaments that a friend spotted. We'll probably do it again this year. I've played around with different ways of doing it and haven't settled on a way that works perfectly yet but that's all right. The point is still made with the kids. I've started on Palm Sunday and put up two a day until Easter and I've also tried doing most of them on Good Friday to coordinate with how things actually happened. We do read the Scripture that corresponds. Not sure yet how I'll do it this year yet!


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