A Super Simple Divine Mercy Cake

Happy Divine Mercy Sunday!

For those reading that don't know what this is, let me just give you a little snapshot.  In 2000, Pope John Paul II declared the first Sunday after Easter Sunday to be the feast of Divine Mercy.  A day to celebrate and basically revel in the amazing, over the top, crazy mercy bestowed on us by Jesus on the cross.  The mercy we don't deserve, could never earn, that is embodied by the blood and water which flowed from his open side.  He was prompted to declare this feast by the revelations written down by an obscure Polish nun Maria Faustina, now St. Faustina.  We are not obligated to believe in the revelations but they are pretty amazing and the message of mercy given to Faustina by Jesus is enough to bring you to tears.  His mercy is so great.

So, today we celebrate His mercy.  Mercy I need.  Mercy the world needs.

So, here's a little dessert I make in honor of the feast...

This one is actually brownie but last year we did the same with yellow cake and you can pretty much use any type of cake or baked good that bakes in a pan.  And can I show you something cool?  You probably already know this but it is so easy to make a cake in the shape of a heart.  I learned this a few years ago and now I pass this wisdom on to you, dear reader...

Square Pan + Circle Pan = Heart:

Easy right?  And see how the strawberries and whipped cream representing the blood and water are perfectly placed to cover the seams?  Nice, right?  Canned whipped cream is obviously easiest but for homemade or from the tub can work, too.  Strawberries could even be switched out for cherries if you prefer.  Simple and sweet and a fun little way to honor the feast.

May the Divine Mercy penetrate our hearts and souls this feast and always.

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  1. Lovely!! We might need to make this -- a day late, unfortunately ;)


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