You Know What Today Is, Right?

You know, right?  

I mean, normally it's the Solemnity of the Annunciation but we'll be observing that tomorrow in the Church. don't know?  You don't know that one year ago today I started this here little blog? 
You weren't keeping track??  


Well, neither was I, so I guess we're cool.  
I just realized it yesterday, in fact.  But I guess I should take a little pride in the fact that I made it a whole year without freaking out that people could -gasp!- read what I write and know a bit of what is in this crazy head of mine.  Okay, sometimes I did freak out a little.  But I didn't stop.  I hope this blog has been edifying to your soul and drawn you into a deeper spiritual awakening that blew your mind.  And if not, I hope that you were at least entertained by cute pictures of my kids.  

Either one, I'm not picky.  

So today we will be celebrating.  And by celebrating I mean begging God for Luke to sleep while I try to make dinner and take care of the two middle boys while Brian takes John Paul rock climbing and I try not to fall asleep while standing up since our little sleepy Luke-baby has decided to revolt from his previous awesome sleep-through-the-night gig.  It's gonna rock.  You should totally come.

But I do really hope that this blog has blessed others.  I used to be super confident in sharing my writing and thoughts and feelings and I lost that somewhere along the way.  This blog here has been a scary little experiment of mine to put myself out there again and invite people to hang with me.  It's also been an attempt to live simply, more intentionally, and joyfully while chronicling this beautiful life I've been given (bam! 20 points worth of blog-speak words right there...see, I'm getting good).  

And also I thought it looked cool and fun to have a blog.
In the process, I've met some pretty awesome beautiful people for whom I am very grateful. 
Thank you for the number of people who have been coming to visit.  Thank you especially for when you encourage me in this little endeavor.  I'm grateful for you and for this blessed life I get to live.

I know, blah, blah, blah...okay, cute baby picture:

Hope you have a wonderful day!


  1. Happy 1 year of blogging! It has been a blessing to me to hear from you and get a glimpse into your daily lives. Keep it up!

    We are going rock climbing today, too.

    Love that precious picture!

  2. Oh MAry- I feel so bad, here I was complaining to you about how tired I am and look at you too! I'm sorry, you are a good sister to always ask how I am and not complain. I love your blog- it inspires me and I love seeing all your cute pictures!! Hope you get some rest today!! Love you

  3. whoop whoop!

    Happy Anniversary - or is it Happy Birthday - you know what I mean!

    congratulations on one whole year. Makes me want to go back and figure out when my year was...

    I have enjoyed your blog, although I am a new admirerer. Your pictures are beautiful, and your thoughts - lovely.

    Hoping your Luke sleeps tonight



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