A St. Patrick's Day Smile for You

Oh my, it has been a busy week!  

First of all, thank you so much for your love and condolences after the passing of my Grandpa.  
We had two days of wakes and then the funeral service and burial yesterday.  It was a long day and week but there was such beauty in it.  Grandpa would have loved that although the day started rainy by the afternoon it was something like sixty five degrees and sunny in March.  I had forgotten that since he was a WWII veteran he would have a military sendoff at the grave site, Taps, flag presentation and all.  It was so moving.  I love our military.  

To be completely honest, I can't say I am all that sad.  Grandpa was certainly not shy about saying how excited he was to die and he had received the Sacrament of Anointing multiple times in the past years.  He was ready, as it should be, and that made it so much easier to rejoice for him and feel like something was complete rather than like something was missing or had gone wrong.  I will miss him for sure, though.  And darn it, if they hadn't have played America the Beautiful as the recessional, I would have made it through without crying.  In all fairness, I cry no matter when that song is played.  That and marching bands get me every time.  Just ask my husband who laughs at me every time.  

So thank you, and please say a prayer for his soul and the rest of our family if you think of it!

And now this very early morning I am off to a women's conference hosted by the local radio station.  I'm hoping for a very good day.  And as I better get myself out the door, I will leave you with this in honor of the great St. Patrick and our love of the Irish culture...

Michael Flatley, watch. out.  I love how in the middle the two of them argue which one is the Lord of the Dance :)  Happy feast of St. Patrick!


  1. One of my favorite moments from my wedding was your sweet baby boy showing me his irish step dancing moves. The.best.

  2. Oh man...the movie says it's private! Will come back to try and watch it tomorrow :)

    1. Okay, I think I fixed it. Blogger wouldn't let it upload for some reason...cuz you know, Blogger is always so cooperative ;) I had to do it through Youtube so the quality isn't that great but it should work now! Hope you're doing well, Dwija!


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