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The boys have all been battling nasty colds this week.  And today is my sweet Michael's fifth birthday.  So instead of looking like this

(last year)

he looks like this

Poor boy.  We're having a party for him on Sunday and by then he should be fine.  I think we'll have a redo of the just us birthday on Monday and hopefully do something very fun.  These boys need it and I want to celebrate my boy's birthday!

Michael has requested a barn cake so we're doing a farm-themed party for him...much like last year!  I love having the tradition of making special cakes for my kids for their birthdays and it is fun to look back on the different creations.  But it's also a bit of pressure now that it's expected!  And these boys think I'm some sort of magician with the cakes they request.  I've had to guide them toward more doable choices.  It's a fun challenge to figure out how I'm going to make their request AND do it dye-free.  So tomorrow I will be making a barnyard cake that I hope my little guy will love.  I promise at some point I'll put up a birthday cake timeline!


My little birthday boy the other day on a beautiful day in March.  With the awesome old trees we have all over the yard comes loads of branches and sticks to clean up every spring.  And the boys earn a penny for each stick they get.  But that one there was a ten center according to my extremely rigorous and strict stick-grading criteria and he was determined to get it.


This whole Pinterest copyright thing?  Con-fus-ing.  I'm debating just deleting my boards or at least the pins that I don't need so that I'm not violating anyone's work or privacy.  Did you know that under the terms of Pinterest if you pin something you are agreeing that you have gotten authority to pin that item and that you then transfer that authority to Pinterest?  They then have the right to alter, sell, exploit, etc. that image.  I don't know anyone who gets permission before pinning something.  So someone's image can basically be used and who knows what else by Pinterest and repinned throughout the Pinterest world without them ever knowing.  

I found out the other day that several of my images and ideas have been pinned and repinned without my knowledge.  And it was cool but weird.  Even though those particular images I have no problem sharing and I really am happy to help other people, it was still weird to have my work floating around out there and pinned without my knowledge.  And there are those who assume that the only reason people blog is to 'make a name for themselves' so they feel okay pinning anything from anyone's site as long as the original image links back to the blog.  I have different reasons for blogging and while I certainly have no problem sharing most of my ideas, I'm uncomfortable with the idea of images of my children or home being pinned without my consent.  Not that people are clamoring to do that, mind you, but the potential is there.  I know any time you post things online you lose that privacy and some rights to that image but I'm not looking to make it easier for people to do so, know what I mean?   For that reason, I blocked things from being pinned from my site.  I wish there was a way to selectively allow things to be pinned or at least that Pinterest would notify someone if their work is pinned, but that's not the case.  I'm really hoping Pinterest clarifies everything and changes some of these terms to help  us all out!


Want to see something weird and gross?  Of course you do!


That's Agnes our chicken (or Agatha...I can't tell them apart).  The poor girl has somehow lost all the feathers around her neck and we don't know why.  This started to happen in the summer then the feathers grew back and she was fine.  But in the last few months it started happening again.  We don't see the other chickens picking on her which I know can happen and she's still laying.  It could be molting but it is happening in such a weird way.  Doesn't the poor dear look so pathetic?  And now her other Australorp friend is starting, too

I love letting the hens out to play when we're home and outside and the neighbors are mostly gone.  I'm afraid I'm really going to freak someone out when they drive by and see these poor girls, though.


So (man, I am all over the place today) what do you think about this Kony 2012 movement?  I'm very intrigued.  And yes, I cried while I watched the video.  I have to admit, though, I'm also skeptical.  I can't help it.  Not necessarily about the money part but about the timing of it.  Don't get me wrong, I think the idea is awesome and I will be just as excited as the next person that this monster is captured.  And if we're being played somehow, I'm not even saying I still wouldn't support it because the idea is valid.  But let's just say I'm calling it now that Kony will be conveniently captured in September or October and a certain leader of the free world will benefit. 


And now can I share with you a great source for non-GMO seeds?  This company St. Clare Seeds specializes in non -genetically modified organic heirloom seeds and they are wonderful.  They have cool quotes on each of their pages, the prices are amazing, and the shipping is outstanding.  I ordered my seeds on a Tuesday morning.  They arrived Thursday afternoon.  Now to get the motivation to get these little seeds started...

Have a great Friday and if you can, say a little prayer that these boys of mine are feeling better soon!  I'd be ever so grateful!  


  1. Beautiful photos. Pray your gorgeous young one is feeling better soon. I have a sick one today, too.

  2. My Kony thoughts...You know I dig the power of social networking. I am not donating money to KONY 2012 because I am VERY cautious about what things I financially back. That being said, it is a fact that there is a man named Joseph Kony. It is a fact that he trains child soldiers. SO, I don't see the harm at getting his face out to everyone in the world. I think the more people that watch the video, the closer child soldiers will be to the justice they deserve. And that, is a good thing. Obviously wars/history/ Africa is crazy and complicated, there is no one that is innocent. That being said, a man who would train children to kill each other and women to be sex slaves is someone who should be known as notorious throughout the world. My heart gets happy when that happens based on the awesomeness of social networking. Those are my thoughts.
    BTW- I LOVED the election prayer your family uses, we shall be using it in our youth program!

    1. Thanks Mary...I was wanting to know what you thought about it a bit more and I agree. I do have a sneaking suspicion that there is more higher up management and manipulation of this than they are letting on that goes way up there but I'm willing to be okay with that if this guy gets captured and it saves these little children and their families such horror. It is pretty dang amazing what can happen in this technological world we now live in! It is good to see very very good things happen as a result, even if there are other things at play within it. Hope you're feeling well, friend!! Oh and the USCCB gets all the props for that prayer :)

  3. Happy birthday sweet Michael! We love you!!

  4. Hi, just found your blog! My husband is a Catholic high school teacher (teaches theology) and all of his students are obsessed with that KONY video. While it's good to see them passionate about something like this, it is interesting timing as you mentioned. Love that pregnancy photo in your header! I have 4 boys also...and one girl!

    1. Welcome Colleen! Glad you stopped by. Yay for Theology teachers...that was my college major and it's awesome there are so many good Theology teachers getting out there. I sometimes miss those college days of a good in-person Theo-geek debate!


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