In My Kitchen

Was having trouble getting into blogger the last few days!  I could see the blog but couldn't access any of my blogger dashboard or anything.  I had to switch to Google Chrome and it fixed the problem right away...I think it's part of Google's conspiracy to take over the internet.

Anyhoo, did you think this post was going to be about fancy recipes or meal planning or beautiful pictures of culinary expertise??  

Nope.  Just wanted to show you this:

Yep, that's a new (working) fridge after two and a half months without.  
And the people rejoiced with great delight.
And realized that they now really want to get to stripping that vinyl and refinishing the wood on those kitchen floors.


  1. Yeah so glad you have a fridge!

  2. Ok, enough is enough. I need to see some pictures of thebathroom remodel. Asap!

    1. Oh, I should post some. Except that we finished all the big stuff just a couple of weeks before Luke was born. And then I was DONE. I haven't yet gotten around to the decorative stuff so it looks pretty bare in there! I need a good idea for those bare walls but non-vital shopping is not going to happen these days so it has to be something I can do with things I have now...or have an idea and know exactly what it is I need to get at a store so I can run in fast!

  3. Bee-yootiful! :) I don't know how you went without for so long!

  4. That is the most glorious fridge I have ever seen!


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