Yarn Along 2/8/12

Guess what?  I wrote a little pattern!  I know, it's nothing fancy or complicated or all that special but I'm a little bit proud of it :)  I know it could probably be tweaked a bit but it worked for what I wanted it to be used.  I posted it here.  So this week, with said pattern, I worked on these:

 And made this:
 (I know, I should've taken down the wreath for the picture...)

I love that each of the hearts only took about five minutes to make so I could work on it here and there during the day when I had a moment.  I was going to knit an I-cord or crochet a double chain to hang them on, but realized I actually liked the look of the line thinner (and it was way easier!) so I just used a bare strand of yarn.

As for reading, I've made it through a few more pages of Walden.  At this rate, I should make it through two or three more classics before retirement age.  I just find that when I have down time at night, I choose to knit and stare at the t.v. spend quality time with my husband and then reading takes a back seat.  I did peruse This Old House magazine yesterday.  Does that count? 

Oh, and I finished those fingerless gloves I was working on and really love them!  They are super warm and proved my skepticism wrong.  I need to reknit a cabled earwarmer to go with them.  I did finish one (with my own pattern again...what am I turning into?) but it turned out a tad too small and squeezed my head.  So I need to add a few more stitches in and try again.  I bought some more yarn that I may use for John Paul's sweater that I need to start.  I just can't seem to find a pattern I love and I'm terrible at picturing and choosing colors with different patterns.  I think part of me is a little intimidated to start a bigger project like that, too.

Thanks again, Ginny, for letting me part of the Yarn Along!  Head on over to see what others are creating!


  1. Those hearts are so adorable. I may have to knit a couple of those up if I can find a spare moment.

  2. What a great idea for a banner! I think the wreath looks pretty with the hearts :)


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