Just Add Water - A Recipe for Happy Babies

The recipe to calm a sort-of cranky, I'm-not-sure-what's-bugging-me baby:

Make sure you have a good pot! 

I picked this one up at a garage sale before David was born and it is so great!  While the kitchen sink is quaint, it's more about getting the job of washing done and always looked to me like a less than pleasant experience for the little baby that can't sit up on their own.

Gently place baby in water bath.

That hammock means he can chill out and enjoy without one of us trying to wrangle a slippery baby and we can keep him in as long as he's happy.  Keep most of his body in the water nice and warm.  It's safe enough that we can let him hang out (we're right there, of course) and he loves it.

Let simmer. 

We make sure the water is very warm and he calms right down as soon as he's in.  The towel on him is less about modesty and more about keeping him super warm and snug.  Get it wet with the hot water and keep it warm so that the parts not in the water don't get chilly!

Check for doneness every few minutes.  Showing him your handmade creations enhances flavor and experience and can help lengthen cooking time.

Baby should look properly done...a big, goofy grin is a sign of the gourmet touch.

Culinary delight

Upon completion, remove babe, and wrap in a warm, fluffy towel. 
Pair with a snuggly papa, sprinkle with kisses and enjoy!


  1. I love this story/recipe! Luke seems very happy with it, too. I think you added a little since I got to see it when I visited. The goofy grin is so cute. Thanks for sharing. There can never be too many pictures of your beautiful little boys.
    Pat H

  2. What a cute "recipe"! And that sweet smile on Luke's face - it just melts your heart!


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