7 Quick Takes - Volume 3

First of all, thank you for laughing with me at my husband.  Or rather at me and my um, quirks.  Apparently, his Gosling impression is pretty good and he's gotten several calls regarding this foray into blogosphere stardom.  I have resisted the urge to post more of the ones he made since they really wouldn't be as funny to anyone but me.  It's kind of fun realizing we have inside jokes.  And there were a few that were just not that prudent to put online ;)

I do, despite my profound humility, have to point out that the one that most people enjoyed regarding brownies in a baking dish was a wee bit hyperbolic.  Seriously, people, I birthed his child a week before that picture was taken and the pictured brownies weren't even from a box.  Credit, please?  He chose not to include the custom designed pick up truck cake I made for him the year before.  But I do think I may have laughed the most at that one, too.  This also reminds me that at some point I need to post a little montage of my cake decorating undertakings just to redeem myself a bit.

In other news, John Paul taught himself, with the help of Mama and a search engine, how to play two songs on the recorder in about 15 minutes.  I'm kind of impressed.


Amen, T.J.

Um...Lent is coming!  Why do I always feel like it takes me a bit by surprise?  Maybe it's because I know it's hard so I don't think about it until I must.  But every year I seem to need it right when it comes.  The Lord has good timing like that.  I need to get a few things prepared - both exterior and interior.  A friend just told me about a tradition she began with her family of lighting six candles at dinner at the beginning of Lent and then each week one gets blown out...sort of the opposite of an Advent wreath.  By the time Good Friday arrives, the last candle is blown out and it is dark.  I really really like this idea and will have to figure out how to make it work here.  A few friends and I also worked on some Holy Week ornaments to help our families observe that solemn time in the Church.  I'll have to finish those up soon. 

Trader Joe's is coming so very soon!  It's supposed to open up this summer about an hour away from here.  And I just found out it's in the same town as the Buffalo Bills' training camp.  For real.  I couldn't care less about the training camp, however, I'm envisioning a fun day dropping the boys off to watch football while I meander through the aisles just me and Luke in all my crunchy baby-strapped-to-chest glory while I peruse organic peanut butter and flouride-free toothpaste. 

Oh, okay, FINE...I found two more you might enjoy:

Have a great Friday!

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  1. Oh credit GIVEN, my dear. :)

    And I was wondering- where's his Hey Girl picture in the birthing pool? So I'm glad he made one, because I KNEW it would be hilarious!


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