We took the boys sledding and while it only lasted an hour or so, it was so good for ALL of us to get out of the house and into the fresh air.  Though I spent most of the time in the car with Luke, I didn't care.  (I did go down a few times!)  I have a serious case of cabin fever going on.  (Does anyone else hear the Muppets and their conga line when they think of that term or is just me?)   Rosy cheeks and fresh air are the best medicine!

 Aw, yeah...Mama remembered the hot chocolate :)

On the way home we picked up Dolphin Tale at Redbox.  If you know us, you know that our kids don't do T.V. but we do have a special movie night a few times a year and occassionally watch a football game with the kids.  I had heard good things about the movie and we decided to treat the boys.  I do agree that it is an innocent feel-good film that most of us enjoyed.  (FYI: There is a small scene where it is mentioned that the boy's father abandoned them and they don't hear from him at all.  That was the only sticky point for us.)  John Paul, however, spent a little while scared that something bad would happen.  It's so funny that he can read The Chronicles of Narnia and all sorts of stories with suspense and scary parts, but the minute anything visually suspenseful comes on, he gets really nervous.  If you've seen Dolphin Tale, you'll know that there is nothing anyone would consider scary in it in the least...but even the hint of suspense or suggestion that someone is not doing the right thing or that there might not be a good outcome is hard for him to handle.  We worked him through the drama and he ended up really liking it.

We are all feeling much better and working on getting the boys caught up on sleep and food.  Michael was the last victim and here's hoping that we can all start enjoying this winter again!
Hope you had a wonderful Sunday!

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