A Random and Babycentric Sunday

1.  I think I am a great example of how not to blog.  I have so many things that I think throughout the day or pictures from the day and I think 'Hey, I should post that."  And then I don't.  I don't know why.  I'm tired and the third trimester has definitely hit but really, posting isn't THAT much work, right?  So I'm back to where I was before starting this blog.  There are so many things that would be helpful for me to set out in writing.  So many things that go through my head during the day as I try to sort out this life.  But I still have not recovered my ease of writing that (I think) I used to have.  I can't write as beautifully or as eloquently as so many other bloggers so I just don't write.  Probably not the answer.  Dare I set a goal for myself of a certain number of posts a week?  Probably not.

2.  We have had great weather for this time of year.  It's November and the forecast is for sunny, mid 60's.  That is so good.  I should be grateful...and I am...that it's not freezing and snowing out yet.  But is it really bad that now that the leaves are all down and the sun is shining, I can see Every. Speck. of dust and grime in this house.  I don't want to do a deep clean yet.  I normally wait until Advent and would like it to be closer to the baby's arrival anyway.  But it's driving me nuts.  I'm hoping once Brian is done with the bathroom that we can go room by room and CLEAN and finish up all the little undone things that I notice on a daily basis. 

3.  I'm happy it's November.  I'm having a hard time thinking about anything besides this baby coming.  It makes it hard to live in and appreciate the present.  But now that it's November, I can say that the baby is coming NEXT month!  I'm estimating that the baby will be born sometime in the first two weeks of December and I'd like to be ready for that.  The boys were 7, 8, and 6 days before the EDD.  If this baby follows suit, I need to be ready by the end of that second week or so.  But I can't count on that.  I don't want to fall into the trap of expecting this baby to arrive by a certain date.  It can drive a mama crazy but I think it might well be argued that I'm already there ;)

4.  Christmas is almost set.  Well, sort of.  I don't have those "perfect" gifts this year for the boys, but I hope they like what I have planned!  I love as the boys get older that they have unique tastes and personalities and giving gifts becomes much more fun.  I still have to work on David's and am hoping a friend of mine can help me with it.  After that, I have to work on stocking stuffers, the annual photo calendar I make for Brian and his parents and then some sort of family/kid gift for the grandparents and Godparents. 

5.  Thank you, Sarah, for this post HERE and Elizabeth for this post HERE.  Such good, good stuff.  You are the type of bloggers I was talking about that write so well and make your point so eloquently :)  In doing so, you bless others.  Like me.  Thanks.

6.  I went to a baby shower yesterday and was overwhelmed by the amount of stuff that the new mama received.  I wish I could go back and have a redo on my shower and register for the things that I would actually use!  So many of the contraptions and clothes are just not practical or are used for such a short period of time, they're not worth storing.  Some of the things that would have been nice to have registered for:  good cloth diapers, the cosleeper (I got that off of Craigslist before Michael was born and it is WONDERFUL), and a variety of good wraps and carriers. 

7.  Our freezer is slowly piling up with lots of food for after the baby is born.  That is one of the best nesting advice I can give.  Get a good freezer and fill it.  Make extra of any freezable dinner or baked good that you make in the several months before birth and FREEZE.  You will be so grateful later.

I think that is the end of my rambling for now.  I told you it would be random...but  I guess it's pretty baby-centric now that I look back and that seems very appropriate for the way my mind has been working lately :)

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  1. Oh girl- you just need to be easier on yourself! You are in the THIRD trimester! That's not easy business. I bet the more you write, the easier it will come, and the happier you will be with it. But GO EASY- seriously- posting IS a lot of work (I think so, anyway), and sometimes it just has to be shelved for better things.

    Like freezing meals for baby.:) Good idea, and we are going to get ourselves a good freezer later this week to stockpile with meals for when our baby comes.

    Blessings on your week, Mary!


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