First Feast Day!!

Today we in the Catholic Church celebrate the very first feast day of Blessed John Paul II!  We are so excited in our family to have an official feast day for our John Paul who looks up to his namesake so very much. 

I was never privileged enough to meet the late Holy Father or even see him in person.  But like so many others, I felt like I knew him and he knew me.  I always pictured him as my grandfather and learned so much from his writings and words.  His teachings changed my life.  So much so that my husband and I decided to name our firstborn after him.  I am so grateful for the memory of holding my almost one year old John Paul in my arms as we watched and kept vigil while his namesake was leaving this world.  And I am so grateful for the Papal Blessing that his Godparents gifted him with on his Baptism.  It is so awesome having the blessing given from John Paul the Great to our sweet little newborn John Paul.  There is nothing I could say that would give this great man the honor he deserves for his gifts to the Church and the whole world.  I pray that someday we will meet in heaven and we can have the meeting and long talk that I've always longed to have.  I encourage you, whether Catholic or not, to read some of his biography and learn about this amazing man.

Tonight we will be celebrating with a Polish feast in honor of the heritage of Blessed John Paul.  After dinner, a dessert of Papal Cream Cake is planned!

Blessed John Paul II, we love you!  Please pray for us!

A Polish feast - Kielbasa, Cabbage, and Pierogies.  I love Polish people but I don't think I could ever eat like them :)

Papal Cream Cake - Note for future reference:  Make sure the custard is VERY firm when you are cooking it and whipping the egg whites!  Mine didn't hold up too well, BUT is absolutely delicious and even more so when frozen!

A feast day gift from Mama and Papa...a JPII comic book.  We are such Catholic nerds :)

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