Best Fall Craft Ever

We spent our afternoon the other day finally preserving beeswax leaves.  I've been wanting to do this since last year when Ginny posted hers but had to wait until we had, you know, leaves.  Thank you, Ginny!  You have the best ideas.  This was such a fun and simple project for all the boys and for me!  I completely admit I'm not into pipe cleaners and glitter and popsicle stick crafts.  I do it (sometimes) for the sake of my boys, but this craft the boys loved AND it comes out beautifully - something I actually love for decorating our home.  That sounds awful, doesn't's not that I don't enjoy my children's crazy creations out of beads and cardboard and cereal boxes.  They just don't fulfill that whole beauty aspect I'm going for in my home...does that sound any better? ;) 

We rushed out after lessons were done for the morning to pick out our leaves before the threatening downpour.  It was raining while we got them, but the boys thought it was great!  We are blessed to have an abundance of old maple trees on our property that are very generous in the leaf department so we had a wonderful selection of colors and perfect looking leaves to use.  Once we got in it was raining outside and the house smelled like beeswax and all was good and right.

Preparing the beeswax for melting.  The crockpot was a garage sale find and I plan on using it for any future beeswax crafts (postpartum/first aid healing salve soon!).  I found that a local produce market sells those giant 1 lb. blocks of beeswax for $6.99!

 Find the leaves!

 (Love this pic!)

Pick out the leaves.

Dip the leaves.  
(Using wax paper underneath the crockpot and the drying leaves made it so easy to scrape off any big drips to reuse.)

Dry the leaves.

String the leaves.

Hang the leaves!

The finished product!

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