Yarn Along 9/28/11

I've started some Christmas knitting!  I plan on making each of the boys a set of mittens with a matching hat in "their" color.  John Paul will be blue, Michael (of course) gold, and David green.  Baby is undetermined.  I figure I'll have some time after he or she is born to decide on a color.  Hats I can do but this is my first time in the mitten department.  I can't say that it is very fun knitting.  Doing such small circumferences with ribbing on dpns (especially when all I have is the long ones!) is a bit tedious in my novice opinion.  I wish I could find tiny circular needles.  Why don't they make those?   Maybe they do, I just haven't been able to find any.  So, I started David's mittens using the pattern HERE with Knit Picks merino style yarn in Edamame and I also started a certain other gift which shall have to remain clothed in secrecy.  We'll see how these turn out...

I began rereading Heidi the other day.  I know I want the boys to read it at some point but wanted to read it myself again first.  This is the copy I got when I was a girl and one of the few books I held onto into adulthood.  And I definitely needed something a little lighter to read so this fit the bill nicely.

And just because it's fun...this past week I got a very fun package in the mail...

I opened it to find a very happy sight:

I know, not very exciting to most people but this is my first time ordering yarn :)  For some reason I was a bit intimidated by the concept and didn't know where to start.  A helpful comment sent me to Knit Picks where they sucked me in with their low wool prices and free shipping after $50.  This should keep me busy, I think.  And yes, there is some pink in there.  You know, just in case ;)


  1. oh what joy! Seeing a box full of yarn. I would just be giddy. I have never ordered online either. I do have the knitpicks needles but they were a gift. You ought to look at their needles to see if they have the little ones that youd like to use for the mittens? I love the wood interchangeables but know they only go so small, Ive heard of using two circulars or the magic loop uses one circular with a 24" cable or longer. Knitpicks has a tutorial on Youtube.com on how to do this. hope this helps!

  2. Mittens are fun gifts to knit! I am thinking along the lines of cowls this year.


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