Yarn Along 9/7/11

I'm joining Ginny for the Yarn Along once again...I am on a roll!  And...I'm knitting longies once again.  (Obsess much, Mary?)  But they're so cute and I feel confident in the pattern and I can't help myself.  I did finish the soaker I was working on.  I'm not super impressed but it should be a good diaper cover.  The new longies will be newborn size and I'm knitting them with a moss green from the Cascade Superwash wool line.  I love that newborn clothes are so quick to knit!  I know that I should be casting on something for the bigger boys soon...I will, I will.  But the baby stuff is so much more fun to make!  Sorry for the dark picture...it's pretty gray here today and I can't seem to take the beautiful photos that others do...not sure if it's me or the camera, likely both.

I'm still working on Life of Christ by Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen and will be for a while.  But for quick, during the day reading, I've been into Father Brown of the Church of Rome by the great Chesterton.  Short mystery stories that are enjoyable to read with a great use of language.  It's funny, Brian and I did the whole free Netflix trial thing and just recently got into the show Monk.  I'm wondering if the creators of Monk were somehow inspired by Father Brown...they seem to have a bit in common...

Go check out Ginny and her other Yarn Along friends HERE!

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