First Fencing

We surprised our first-born the other day by letting him know that we had registered him for fencing lessons...he was quite the thrilled little boy that morning!  Our community education program has a six week program for beginners and I knew it was just perfect for this little knight of ours.  His first lesson was yesterday.  He seemed a bit nervous when we first got there.  It's always interesting to watch him in these situations when the environment is not what he is used to.  Being homeschooled, we don't have "classes" so things like this are the only exposure he has had so far of having a teacher other than mom and learning with other children.  Parents could wait in the hallway where we could still hear and see the class but without being a distraction to the students.  He was so attentive the whole time and soon had a big smile on his face while he learned the different positions and forms for beginner fencing.  He looked so little next to the other boys in the class.  The best part was at the end.  The instructor announced that the person with the best form would win the prize for the day and get to pick something out of the treasure box.  He led them through some practice drills and watched and then announced that John Paul had been the most attentive to his instructions and had the best form in the class!  My little boy held in his pride, picked out a prize but when he came out to the hallway and saw me, the biggest smile broke out onto his face and he was just BEAMING.  He's pretty excited to learn the 11 codes of conduct that are required memorization in order for him to be made 'squire' (right now, he's a page!) and get to use a real foil for his lessons. 

Some (somewhat blurry) pics of my little knight:

En Garde! Stance 



 Going over the Eleven Codes of Conduct

A very proud little boy...though he wouldn't give me his normal smile ;)

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