Yarn Along 8/10/11 - Longies!!

So I'm new to this knitting thing, inspired by the lovely Ginny to take it up as a hobby.  (Thank you, Ginny!)  I've only done hats and half of a sweater but I'm almost finished with my first pair of newborn longies!  I used wool diaper covers a bit with David but am determined to use them more with this baby.  And if I can make them myself, the cost issue is a bit less of a deterrent.  I'm knitting these longies with my first-ever bought pattern, Sheepy Pants and despite the mistakes, they are actually taking shape and I think we'll be able to use them on this new little one in December.  And for some reason, seeing these pants evolve is making it VERY real in my head that there will be a very real baby born here this winter.

I'm using Cascade Superwash yarn from a local yarn store.  I'm not at all an expert on yarn and my experience is limited to what's available at the craft stores and now this local shop in the next town over.  The very eccentric and talkative shop owner (who had an equally talkative parrot hanging out with her in the store) says that this wool yarn is washable in the washing machine?  I'm a bit nervous to try it but my washer does have a wool setting so I may dare it...

I'm hoping to finish these by tomorrow and MAYBE even have enough for a matching hat :)

Oh, and reading?  I just finished The Story of a Family - The Home of St. Therese of Lisieux.  Wow. This book has renewed a bit of fervor in me for the goal of doing all I can to help my children become saints.  The sanctity of the Martin family while at times seems unreachable, is made real in this book by Fr. Stephane Joseph Piat, O.F.M.  There were times I wondered how much he was romanticizing their story but the quotes from letters and other documents he gives are proof that this family truly was fixated on our Lord and heaven and had a significant share of the Cross to carry in this life.  A truly inspiring book.


  1. Oh, one more PAIR of beautiful knit "something" in this week's Yarn Along! :)
    Thank you for sharing the book and thoughts it brought you to. Worth taking into consideration, indeed...

  2. those longies are great! and just think, last week i didn't even know what those were! lol. your baby is blessed to be able to snuggle down with those!


  3. Hi Mary!
    I am currently reading The Story of a Family. It's such a beautiful book, and Blessed Zelie is such an inspiration to me. So excited that you have read it too!


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