This Week in Boys - Wedding Edition

We travelled to Chicago for half of last week and the weekend to witness my brother-in-law wed his beautiful bride.  And as far as road trips go, this one wasn't all that bad.  Minus David getting stung by a bee before the trip (seemed just fine) and then his foot swelling to a crazy size while on the road and developing a scary fever (it broke that night and he was fine, thank God!), my mother-in-law spending a day at the E.R. after slicing her hand on a broken glass, a heat index of 114 degrees, crazy storm the day of the wedding (power outage included), and normal pregnancy exhaustion and back pain... Besides all that, it was a wonderful time...  The boys were great in the car and beautifully behaved the whole trip. vAnd my husband and I even got to dance a song without a little in between us!  We couldn't believe when we got out of the reception that it was 12:15 A.M.!  And the boys made it and danced through almost the whole thing!

So here's a few pics of my handsome little guys:

John Paul 
John Paul was privileged to read half of the Prayers of the Faithful during the Mass. He did really well! And then he spent most of the reception dancing the night away with the other kids present.


Michael wanted to dance with me and boy, does that make a mama's heart melt :)

I cannot believe that David stayed up as late as he did without breaking down.  Crazy.  And he was a joy during dinner and afterwards.  We had some lovely tablemates that were just wonderful with the boys.  David danced a bit and spent a good deal of time with his cake and then playing hide and seek under the head table...hey, he was happy and dinner was over so there was no one sitting there at the time :)

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