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John Paul 
Today we celebrated John Paul's SEVENTH birthday (which actually doesn't happen for another two days).  Seven.  This is real boy age and rather than being melancholy and reminiscent, I'm excited for him.  He is becoming an amazing kid.  I love watching who he is and who he is becoming.  It was so fun being able to get him gifts that were for HIM, that I knew would make his heart happy and speak right to who he is right now.  I love that.  I don't hear other parents talk about that much but I'm sure it must be there, too...this awe at the fact that I get to know YOU, a real, unique, separate-from-me person, who is pretty darn cool.  I'm proud of who he is and that is a very awesome thing, indeed.  I think I'll do a separate birthday post with the details of our day.

King for a day with his Narnian shield cake

Michael is growing up but is still unsure of whether he really wants to do so.  (I guess that doesn't ever end, does it?)  He is still my fighter and has the same melancholic tendencies as his mother.  It worries me a bit.  There are times when the pure innocent joy and happiness of free childhood shine through and that consoles me some.  Sometimes I think he is just plain tired, though he would never admit it, and I wonder if I should be enforcing a nap still, despite how difficult that would be.  He is so sweet when I get him one on one and I know that needs to happen more often.  The boy just loves to enjoy simple little play and the attention of his mama or papa.  Lord, please help me to give him that much more often than I am now able.

Showing his cousins how to feed the chickens

We've had lots of doctor appointments for David and it is hard.  He is the first of my children who has health issues that merit any sort of outside intervention.  I don't like it but at this point, it is the only way.  I don't want to get into it here until we have a definite diagnosis but I have a new compassion for families who have to spend much of their time and energy worrying about the health of their little ones.  We have been very blessed.  David is a trooper and has been very brave through it all.  He's at the hard age of two right now, testing limits and learning how to handle frustration...a slow go so far.  I love that he is chattering away all the time and he loves to make us laugh.

Getting a very blurry haircut from Papa

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