This Week in Boys

John Paul 
This boy has been enamored with both his treehouse and archery.  He has spent hours in the treehouse and when he is not there, he has been fashioning bows and arrows out of sticks and string.  They actually shoot.  I think I'm more excited than him for his birthday to arrive in a few weeks...  Today he drew me a picture of the exact type of drill he would like "if I happened to want to buy it for him."  It's already arrived in the mail.  Trying to decide if we can have a real friend party now that this little boy is turning SEVEN.  That seems like a big number to celebrate to me!

Michael has been such a joy this week.  He's spent a lot of time working with John Paul on the treehouse, even though he's too little to climb the ladder.  He still is intent on being a farmer and just yesterday while we were working in the garden, he was internalizing the fact that farmers are allowed to get dirty and therefore, it was okay that his hands were covered in muddy goodness.  Brian and I again realized the other day that he is fitting his name more and more.  He is so angelic but he is a fierce fighter and will embrace the battle when it comes to anything 'bad' that may want to harm us. There is such power in a name, but more on that in a future post...

Brian caught this one when Michael happened to fall asleep on the porch. I won't share the one that he caught of me sleeping on the bench right next to him :)

David has been our trooper this week.  We had to take him for some medical tests in the middle of the week and he was so good.  Thank you to David's angel!  He talks more and more and his sentences are just adorable.  I don't really want him to learn correct pronoun usage yet when it means he won't refer to himself as "me" in the subject of a sentence.  "Me LIKE pasta," with a big nod.  That sounds very caveman-esque when I type it but I assure you when he says it, it is as cute as can be.  His pretend play is so sweet to watch and very very thorough.  He's been enjoying playing with the kitchen set and making dinner for him and his brothers.

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