This Week in Boys

John Paul
Plans for his armory continue.  This idea is sticking around and he's serious.  For weeks, he has been planning an armory that will be built in the backyard.  It will have three floors, to be used dependent upon the type of enemy that is approaching (coyote, bear, etc.) as well as weapon used.  He wrote a list of things that he wanted to do this weekend.  Today's plans were "cut down logs" and "split logs".  He really wanted us to go to the woods down the street and come back with some trees piled on our van so we could get building.  We had to break it to him that unfortunately you cannot just go onto land you do not own and begin cutting down trees.  He's taken it well.  And I taught him some elementary embroidery this week (which is the only kind I know) and he flew with it and made Brian two pieces for his birthday with "Happy Birthday" and "I love you" embroidered on them.  Such a Renaissance child.

Michael has been getting pretty tough.  One of the boys' favorite things to do is wrestle Papa when he gets home from work.  Michael has been loving it lately and is actually getting pretty strong!  Brian is beginning to have to make some effort when John Paul and Michael both try to take him down together.  Michael is starting a fascination with shooting.  I'm not thrilled with it but I have to trust the wisdom of older moms (and my husband) who say that this is just fine and as long as it's done to protect and defend, rather than just to kill, it's all good.  We're working to make sure that he knows the difference!  But this same child still loves to bring me flowers of all kinds and the other night brought me a tiny little propeller (maple seed) "for the baby".  He also made the baby a little toy out of several buttons strung together. 

David has been coming off this horrible virus cold that he caught while on vacation.  He's not sleeping well and the other day I noticed him cutting another molar.  Poor boy has spent his whole life teething.  Under the circumstances he's been pretty happy during the day and has been much more smiley than usual, which is quite fun.  He's also begun stringing words together.  He's the earliest of my boys to engage in imaginary play.  Today he was catching fish in his net, showing them to us, and then throwing them back into the water.  He still does his "sure" rather than yes, which is hilarious.  He'll ask for something, then I say it back to clarify what he just said, and he'll respond "shua" like it was your idea to begin with.  The boy already has a beginner's handle on some clever psychology.

David turns two!

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