Yarn Along - 4/6/11

So, I'm joining Ginny's Yarn Along...but I'm not going to link me in there. Is that incredibly lame? (answer: yes) My poor little blog is still so small and humble and I'm a wee bit afraid still to put myself out there where people can actually (are you ready for it?) READ this. So, I'm going to pretend that I'm in it and give a glimpse of what I have on the needles this week and what reading I'm doing...

I have decided to try my hand at knitting my first sweater. The yarn is Paton's wool in denim and the sweater will be a simple raglan sweater from a free Red Heart pattern I found on Ravelry. This is intended for John Paul to wear hopefully this fall because I have great hopes that sweater-free weather will get here before I actually finish this! Please God, we need spring! I'd love to give it to him for his birthday. That's in June so unless I get too frustrated or can't figure out the enigma of sleeves, I should be okay with that deadline!

Also in the back I have a little bitty newborn girl hat I'm working on today and tomorrow that I want to finish for my cousin's baby shower next week. That's in Paton's organic cotton. Hats, I can do (at least simple ones!) and have made 6 or so now.

I have yet to graduate to real fancy yarns from cool online stores but I hope to get there soon!

On my reading list is still Teresa of Avila's Interior Castle. This is real and it's deep. It's a bit hard to follow as she wrote it over the course of several months and she even admits in it that she can't remember what she has already written and what she hasn't. But it's good, even if lots of it will go over my head since I have yet to soar to the high heights of the seventh mansion of complete union with God :) I love how she insists that we must look inward to find God, not in a self-absorbed, navel-gazing sort of way but in a way that recognizes that truth that God truly dwells within us. It's hitting me in a new way with the beautiful way she speaks of that type of recognition of the Lord living within the soul in a state of grace.

So that's my wannabe Yarn Along post! Maybe next time I'll have the guts to really join in :)

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