This Week in Boys (in which I realize I need to take more pictures of the boys...)

John Paul
John Paul is almost finished with reading the Narnia series with Papa at night.  We think he's pretty sad about it.  It's been so good for his mind and imagination, though, and has helped us tap into that playful side of him.  He's been so sweet about the baby and is really trying to help me out.  He's spent a good deal of time in the basement this week working on his projects, one of which is a wooden camera to bring on our trip.  He got the plans from a book and Brian's been helping him build it.  Non-working of course, but it has a roll of paper on the back that you can wind and there you sketch your 'photo' - very clever.

Michael has really taken to the Stations of the Cross.  He has them almost all memorized and really enjoys doing them.  I love when I find (or am led to) something that speaks to them so personally.  Part of it is that it's much more sensory than the other devotions we have had.  He likes visual things and learns well that way.  It's different for me but it will stretch me in my teacher-mode to help him learn the way he needs.  I just love that he is learning to love our Lord more.  The other day he was making a picture and declared, "this is for Jesus because I really like Jesus."  And when he blesses the baby at night, he makes a cross but has to add a circle (head) and eyes and Jesus' body onto it.

David's been moving to a different sleeping pattern lately which has been a little tough, especially now that I am feeling more and more of the first trimester exhaustion.  He only wakes twice at night but he had a great pattern for a while that was once around midnight or so then a long stretch until 5:30 or so and go back down, at which point I would get up anyway so it felt like only once to me.  But now the stretches are shorter and I know he is cutting another tooth so I'm hoping that's part of it.  Poor guy is such a hard teether.
He is still wanting to do whatever the big guys are doing.  The last few nights he has been insisting on 'knitting', which ends up looking much like Michael's but lasting a much shorter time.  "Knit, too! Knit, too!"

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