Check That One of the Bucket List...

With so much going on this summer, I don't think I put up here that I am now officially a CERTIFIED doula!  I got the call a few weeks ago that all my paperwork was done and approved and that I could officially call myself certified.  I have no idea where this will lead.  I'm not sure I can take anyone on while pregnant.  I know it's possible, I'm just wondering if it would be too much a strain on me, my health, and my family if I were to have to be up all night with a laboring mother.  And then once the baby is born, well, I'll have a newborn that needs me around.  We'll see.  It's been in God's hands since the beginning and if a mom needs me and I can help her (and stay true to my vocation), it will all work out.  If anything, I'm pretty pumped that I accomplished this and have the skills to help a mama have a holy and natural birth, whenever that skill may be called upon!  God is good.  

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